June 2013, fifteen 2013 graduates of Benilde-St. Margaret’s High School will be traveling to Eindhoven, The Netherlands to participate in the Urban Search and Rescue Robotics Competition as part of the 2013 Eindhoven RoboCup Tournament.  Follow their activities and the progress of their robot on these pages.


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  1. Irena Cich says:

    Great Blog start! Do you have a full resolution version of the team photo that’s posted on the web site? Or a team photo from Duke? Will be sending a few notes to press and my Godfather who worked at 3M Singapore (now is a prof at the University there but still consults for 3M). What’s the best way for press to contact the group (telephone or email?) Do you have any plans for events, dinners, outings with the other USA teams?
    Have a safe flight. Bring a pillow.
    — Irena, Robocup 2011 Team member/Red Jumpsuit wearing wannabe

    • acsbsm says:

      Within the Rescue Robot League there are no other US teams who have qualified for the World Championships.

      see full list of currently qualified teams here: http://www.robocup2010.org/competition_League.php?c=2&l=7&t=team

      • acsbsm says:

        In Robocup Junior there are more U.S. teams competing. ACS BSM is the only “Rescue B” team from the U.S. There are other “Rescue A” teams from the U.S. competing. – T.Jump

    • acsbsm says:

      Mr. Jump says…”Don’t know about the resolution of photos, but the Catholic Spirit should have a fairly good one. We will be taking an official team photo in jumpsuits at the venue in Singapore when we get there. It’s very exciting that your Godfather is still here in Singapore. We are staying at the Naumi Hotel and the event is at the Suntec Center starting on Monday if he wants to try to find us. Likewise with press for contacting us, they are welcome to call the hotel or email me: t1jump@bsm-online.org Have not met up with any of the other U.S. teams, first opportunity will be on 6/20. We’ll see if we get together at that point. Keep in touch, let me know if you have other questions. Cheers-T.Jump”

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