Made It to Suzhou

All’s well, (thanks for your prayers). We made it to Suzhou and checked into the hotel for our two-night stay.

Rather than the 12 hour bus adventure we experienced on the way to Hefei, the drive back to Shanghai took 7 to 8 hours. It started to rain as we neared Suzhou. That’s when a medium-sized truck executed a full 360 degree spin-out in front of our bus. Thanks be to God, there was no accident, (it missed our bus).

Suzhou is charming and picturesque. Generally speaking it’s much quieter and more peaceful than the industrial, clamoring honk-honk of Hefei. Suzhou is a center for the silk trade known for its canals and gardens.

We’re two blocks from the inviting streets and canal pathways. And, a short walk from Western food options like Papa John’s and KFC–a welcome relief to many from the predominant fried rice and noodle fare of Hefei.

After settling our goods in the hotel, we visited a nearby ice cream shop (which also served a great hand-squeezed limeade). Then it was time to venture a short taxi ride away to the Number 1 Silk Factory. Wrapping up our silk factory tour at closing time, most of Team RKRS left with a shopping bag in hand. A quick taxi ride back to the hotel and the students went out by fours to explore the walkways, shops and waterways of Suzhou.

Tomorrow we’ll ride the bullet train to tour the 14 million+ city of Shanghai. After a few hours in Shanghai, we’ll head back to Suzhou for our last night in China. The next morning the bus will take us from Suzhou to the Shanghai Airport for our flight home.


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2 Responses to Made It to Suzhou

  1. greerN55 says:

    Glad all is well. Glenna has had smiles in every picture, so she must be happy and not wanting to come home. Thanks for including her in this adventure. You can pass along to her that Sharknado 3 is the best of the bad!   Nancy Greer

  2. Mick Hawkins says:

    This has been amazing for a reader; I can only imagine what it is like for you guys.

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