Day 4: Uh-oh, Recovery, Totals

Picture this:  you’re precariously perched in an immovable position and you need just-the-right-tool to complete your plumbing project. You have to shout verbal directions to someone across the room to help them find that tool.

Now, imagine the role of driving a particular robot on a challenging course and you’re giving it steering commands from a plywood cubby-hole. You’re reading two computer screens and relying on sensors of multiple types to navigate a psuedo-earthquake environment.

For either scenario, having things go awry is a definite possibility.

In the first run of the second day of competition for Team RKRS, one unfortunate wide turn where there happened to be a wall, and, “Uh-oh. Decapitation.” Yes, the robot lost its head, (a key component to navigating the course). The result:  no victim(s) were found for the morning competition.

Time to prepare for the afternoon competition. Team RKRS was equipped with spare parts. Shifting into recovery mode, the robot was repaired and readied for the afternoon round of competition. And, it found the victim! The RoboCup – Hefei 2015 competition ended with this second run success on the second day.

Eleven teams participated, Benilde-St. Margaret’s School’s Team RKRS representing as the only secondary high school team.  When the scores were tallied, the 95 points earned by Team RKRS secured the tenth position, (ahead of one of the Chinese university teams).

A group photo of all participants and their robots was taken and it was time to transition into disassembling the robot for the start of its long journey home.

Team RKRS reps

Fixing the head

RoboCup Hefei 2015 Competition finished

RoboCup Hefei 2015 participants and robots

Disassembling the robot


Tuesday, July 21

Team RKRS will experience the Hefei Sanhe Ancient Town tour. They will visit a town more than 2,500 years old full of rivers, lakes, bridges and “eight ancient relics” (ancient streets, ancient civilian houses, ancient battlefields, ancient tea houses, ancient rivers, ancient villages surrounded by water, ancient bridges and ancient stages attached to temples).

Wednesday, July 22

The team will travel to the Hefei Wildlife Park in hopes of seeing a Giant Panda up close.

Watch for more blog updates!


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2 Responses to Day 4: Uh-oh, Recovery, Totals

  1. Mick Hawkins says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: What an opportunity!

    Go Red Knights!

    Mick Hawkins

  2. t1jump says:

    Thanks Mick! You are the commensurate cheerleader and encourager!

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