Day 3: Perfect Run

Day 3 starts with the RoboCup Hefei Opening Ceremony. Team RKRS enjoyed the audience and up front seating (behind the VIP’s of the event).

Then it was time to fine tune the robot, getting all systems ready to traverse the course.

The official competition began. Team RKRS’s first run on the course: we found the victim!

A great day. A perfect run!

The second day of competition comes tomorrow.

Off to RoboCup Hefei

Engaging the audience

Moving the robot to the course

Readying the robot

Scoping the course

At the RoboCup Hefei venue

Watching a competitors run

Meghan driving the robot during competition

Driver zone

Command Center view Victim found

Team RKRS RoboCup Hefei


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One Response to Day 3: Perfect Run

  1. Mick Hawkins says:

    Lots to look at here, but mostly I see intensity.

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